Meet the Team

Our Team behind the work we carry out for you


Craig Doyle MIEP - Director of Employability

Owner and founder Craig Doyle has over 20 years experience in the Welfare to work and employability and skills sectors. Craig started his career as a ‘Personal Advisor’ supporting long term unemployed JSA claimants into work through to Director level in several reputable organisations including:- Reed In Partnership, A4e and Babington.

With significant experience across a wide range of programmes – (Apprenticeships, Traineeships, Study Programmes, Employment Zones, New Deal, Work Programme and Programme centre contracts, to name a few) – Craig has a detailed understanding of all roles and their requirements, both in terms of skill set and qualifications required and also personal attributes. With extensive recruitment experience and a proven track record of assembling high performing teams, Craig is able to offer outstanding recruitment solutions for the sectors many providers.

“To help organisations find the right talent and to support and facilitate individuals to secure roles to reach their full potential are the most rewarding experiences I have had in my career. To do this on an ongoing basis in a sector I am passionate about, is an honour and a privilege and I look forward to developing lasting relationships with you.”


Austin Davies - Senior Recruitment Resourcer

Austin joins Trigon Recruitment having a strong background in telecommunication sales and recruitment experience within the service sector.

“I joined Trigon Recruitment as I saw an opportunity to join a business that has ambition and a genuine desire to support candidates to reach their potential and employers flourish. I take a real pride in screening candidates and supporting them to identify transferrable skills they may possess which could be a great fit for organisations we support.

This is by far the most rewarding role of my career and I look forward to supporting many more candidates further their carer prospects.”


Donald Stanley - Operations Manager

With a background of client-focused sales, recruitment experience, extensive relationship building and contract management – Donald Stanley has become a Welfare to Work, Employability and Skills specialist who has been employed by some of the biggest providers in the industry.

Having worked as an Employment Advisor, within Employer Engagement, Business Development and Business Management, Don has developed the knowledge needed to successfully execute the growth of a company’s professional brand. With this experience, Don knows what truly drives performance and inherits a skill set which enables him to identify the right staff and build teams which will perform profitably and consistently.

I am truly passionate about recognising the needs of a business and identifying the demand for exceptional quality staff. I sincerely believe that with the right workforce any business can prosper. It is a great privilege to work with a company such as Trigon Recruitment who share my enthusiasm for supporting individuals into the right employment opportunities and I look forward to the opportunity of working with you very soon!


Robert Rowe - Recruitment Executive

Rob joins Trigon with a multitude of experience in various sectors, including Financial Services, Property and most recently as an Executive Employment Coach on the JETS programme. Having worked for two of the largest banks in the UK and one of the largest online retailers in their finance department, Rob brings knowledge of the corporate world and its fast-moving environment as well as the continuous drive for success being driven by a company’s talent.

With this experience Rob transitioned into Employability and used the multi-faceted skillset he has developed to get over a hundred participants back into work. Whilst managing the executive caseload this brought him into contact with an even vaster array of industries and sectors and only furthered his belief that people were the driving force for a company’s achievements. Rob states:

“Having worked previously with large commercial entities, no matter the size of the company or organisation, the people were the reason for the success or failure of a project. After working in employability and working with some incredibly niche and technical participants, it was telling that – regardless of the role and its requirements – having the right candidate through the door was essential. I’m passionate about people and their potential and I’m excited to help people into employment and help businesses with their resourcing needs, with the right candidate every time.”


Tiffany Bennett - Recruitment Executive

Tiffany joins Trigon Recruitment with a wealth of experience in retail management and the employability sector. Recently working as an Executive Employment Coach on a funded provision which supported clients who had become unemployed during the Covid 19 pandemic and who are from a managerial, specialist, academic or higher responsibility role background.

“I deliver high quality careers information, advice, and guidance. I am influential, innovative, resilient, determined, and passionate to coach people to find suitable and sustainable employment successfully and promptly. I am truly excited to bring my skills and experience to Trigon Recruitment which is already a well-established company with a huge amount of success. Craig and the Team are truly passionate and triumphant in everything they do, and I am delighted to be joining the team.”


Adam Lightfoot - Recruitment Resourcer

Adam joined Trigon Recruitment as he loves meeting new people and building long lasting relationships with clients and colleagues.

With the team’s experience and our screening process, he is certain to put the right individual in the right role. Everybody has what it takes to be great at what they do, it all boils down to dedication and willingness and here at Trigon we are dedicated and willing to helping you be the best you can be!


Charlotte Smith - Recruitment Executive

Charlotte comes to Trigon Recruitment with a background in Employability and Sales. She has supported hundreds of candidates into work and has worked with a range of employers across different sectors to fulfil their recruitment needs. In her previous roles, Charlotte has worked with some of the most popular companies and brands in the UK and has demonstrated excellence in building relationships with them and providing recruitment solutions.

Charlotte has a trained eye for spotting talent. She prides herself on buying into the person and their story, which she then uses to represent her candidates to the market with unbridled enthusiasm, not stopping until she achieves the best possible outcome for both the candidate and the employer.

“I am a very passionate person and I want to do the right thing. Working at Trigon helps me fulfil these needs and it gives me great satisfaction to support a candidate’s journey and change a life!”


Rory McCarthy - Recruitment Executive

With a range of experience within the recruitment and employability sectors, Rory is a driven professional, who is skilled at managing client and candidate relationships. He has a natural desire to support others, as well as dynamic communication skills. Rory thrives on the significant role he plays in securing great opportunities for his candidates. Rory responded with the following when asked about his experience and motives behind working for Trigon:

“I am a people-person and I love providing people with the platform to excel in their career. From my time working in education recruitment and as an Employment Coach on the JETS programme, I know how imperative it is to ensure that candidates are matched to the right opportunities. Being a Recruitment Executive goes beyond just placing people into jobs, it’s an opportunity to positively impact people’s lives through recognising potential and connecting them with the industry’s leading employers.

Trigon Recruitment are pioneers within the Employability and Training sector, with a talented group of recruitment experts. Along with this, the leadership are innovative and progressively-minded, which cultivates an environment where growth and development within your role is limitless. I am proud to be working for Trigon and look forward to the challenge ahead”.